Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guilty or not!?

Am I the one guilty of plagiarism, or is Jeremy Clarkson's guilty!?

I would guess none of us, But it's very very strange to watch an episode of TopGear that I've never ever seen before, and find out so many thoughts in common with Clarkson (or the guy that wrote the script!!).

Let's just start with this exert of video @ 3minutes, and compare with my opinion (readable on the links) on smarts, semi-cars, hybrids and electrics.

Then in the same video @ minute 6:20, my opinion on how a "bad car choices relate directly to bad drivers (I called them NUMB drivers) because they carry the same lame attitude on buying cars to driving them on the streets"!

As if it wasn't enough, on that same episode, Jeremy test's a sirocco TDI with "Captain Slow". Captain slow claims that "the car has no power... then some power... and then 1000rpm later, it's gone". Jeremy reply's "That's the way diesels are, they show you some power but then it's gone!"... "this is the perfect example on how to spoil a good car". I don't have posts in English stating my opinion on how to spoil a good car (It's here and in portuguese and related to the RCZ hdi), BUT I do have one about engines and where the diesel engine really belongs and that's the HEAVY FAMILY SALOON.