Thursday, September 16, 2010

Towing cars without permission... THAT's GRAND THEFT AUTO!

The news behind my post about this subject is very very interesting.
Just like I posted, I'm not surprised that a politician has a shitty-abusive attitude, nor that the cops have the very same (politically induced) attitude; I'm completely overwhelmed by the pure fact that, in Portugal (the most dirty, corrupt place on earth) a couple of cops and a judge, had the courage to arrest and present to court... a politician! This is unique... I'm very inclined to contact the Endangered Species Rescue Group to consider this RARE RARE species and protect them at ALL COSTS, cause they will not survive too long.

But back on the POST subject... Police towing/immobilizing cars.

First comes the facts.
1- The road is public and, to use it, you must pay taxes. SO, if you don't pay taxes, than its the same as parking your car inside someone else's property and so loose all right. If you pay, however, the car is legally using a common asset and since the car is your property, towing it is thievery, just as immobilizing it just as illegal.
2- The road usage is ruled by law. This is so that it's usable as a common asset, not to increase TAX income. These rules and aspirations are created to allow us the best comfort.

The problem:
Mister X, for instance, parks his car on a crosswalk. He get's his car towed or immobilized.

Should he be punished? WHY?

The why:
Cause it's in the way of people that OCCASIONALLY cross the road? Not valid! One can go around easily.
Cause someone on a wheel-chair will be in difficulty... cause someone with a baby-cart will be in difficulty? Sure... SuperValid argument. But again, does the sidewalk have a ramp? If not, than the city-hall should be finned 10folds the amount a driver is!

Most people defend that the guy that parks in a crosswalk is "Devil on earth and the messenger of death". For those of you, picture this -> Your wife calls you telling you that she is in a shopping mall, almost fainting because of uncontrolled bleeding... what do you do?
YOU, as any human,  will:  pass red lights, overtake like mad (because irresponsible motherfuckers will go as slow as possible, scattered across all available lanes, making it as difficult as they can... just because), you will park in the very closest spot you find and try to get her into the car, to the hospital.... just to find that some idiot towed your car or decided to immobilize-it. BOY I WOULD KILL SOMEONE if in that situation.

If a car is badly parked (and that means crosswalks, double parking, outside the marks, too close to the next name it), the cops should 1st fine, than if after 30 minutes the situation is maintained tow the car to the nearest parking space and leave a mark indicating (just like they do in Tokyo)... then charge the fine with the "deluxe parking service"... if recurrent increase the amount exponentially.
After the fine, the insurance company should (if not justified by a hospital bill or something like it) increase immediately it's tax on the driver because a bad social behavior is increasing the risk and the risk's consequences upon others, leading ultimately to more payments from that company.
If applicable, the city-hall should immediately pay a fine and be forced to solve the problem within a month.