Monday, December 20, 2010

Lawyers of the world: UNITE and start filing law suits against the city hall!

The next time you get your car out on the road, just check the conditions of the roads you are driving in.
We are taxed to pay for the roads building and maintenance. The problem is that build quality is normally bad and maintenance even worse.

Every car sold today has ABS. ABS stands for Anti-Lock Braking System. What it does is assist you when you brake harder than the conditions permit. Meaning? Meaning that either if you brake too hard, or your tires grip too bad (because of whatever the reason is... rain, snow, oil, polished pavement, bad quality rubber), the car will start puffing your brakes on and off very rapidly, maintaining the wheels turning and allowing you to steer away and/or reduce the otherwise skid distance.
Is it the best way to brake? No... but for 99% of the drivers out there is FAR better than them braking to a full stop. This is why it is now standard with every car.

The problem:
ABS is a kinda stupid system... good, but stupid. It just interrupts the braking force enough to keep the wheel spinning little enough to steer. It doesn't consider the harmonics of the car's suspension. The result is that if you activate the ABS in a bumpy road, the system will get confused because locking the wheel in the air will render it to a full stop and the abs will "ease on" resulting in even less braking force while the wheel touches the ground. Also, if initiating a brake while driving through a road bump, will trigger the ABS and it will keep on until the car stops or you lift off and re-press the brake pedal.
This is why ABS is so bad in a dirt road.

The conclusion:
You pay tax for DECENTLY built and maintained roads. You get crap instead.
But when you try to brake to avoid an accident or a run-over and you car just goes crazy on you because of poor road conditions, it's time to sue and maybe this starts being taken into account.

Having no responsibility or consideration for the road is inhuman and disrespectful. Making them pay and while having this attitude is a severe offense and asks for PUNISHMENT.