Monday, January 31, 2011

Time to re-think this GREEN MADNESS... and stop killing CARS

Those ho know me, are very familiar with my personal frustration on today's automotive industry and the GREEN Madness trends.
Now I know that I am VERY very caustic in my opinions at times (OK EVERY TIME), but that doesn't mean I'm not dead right. And I am!

After proving the inefficiency of hybrids and electrical cars and the stupid green without brains trend that walks hands-on with it, its time to unleash the bomb.

No, not the "electrics and hybrids are a bigger threat to the environment that gas cars"... that bomb has already been drop somewhere in the past months by me and some other credited minds on the motoring industry.

I'm talking about that issue that sometimes makes other people look at me like they look at their great-grand-fathers and their unwillingness to "evolve".
Most have been reading my articles as if I was completely living in the 70's or 80's and that I had forgotten the need for economic and green (a.k.a dull) cars.
Most think that I ignore the reality behind the fast that GAS is getting expensive by the second.

Well, I may have a bad temper and sharp tongue, but I also have I.Q.
Like I've always defended, the GAS is the ONLY fuel available because of the easiness of production, storage and relatively safeness's of usage...but also because the petrochemical industry is a powerful worldwide lobby.

Things are however turning around. The economic needs to support this monopoly are becoming unbearable. Alternatives are making people think (probably for the first time ever).
The Brazilians are MUCH smarter then the rest of us... they've been running their cars on alcohol for years now. The rest of the world use Nitro-methane and Methanol to race!
Why to we keep using gas!?
Honda unleashed the FCX clarity running on hydrogen, followed by a new discovered by a Japanese university on how to create hydrogen in a closed-loop water cycle system... things started to change.
In France, one can switch it's petrol car to a natural gas system, and if the standard system renders the car 10 to 20% less power, the new liquid gas system renders 20 to 25% more power.

It's time to sharpen the axe on the petrochemical industry. Time for the Synthetic Gas.
As you car read in this article, YOUR CAR can run on synthetic GAS and produce 0 CO emissions... and still be the same wonderful, entertaining car you've always had. And All that with a 1.5USD / gallon, and that's paying half for the same thing. AND THINK ABOUT THIS, because government MUST STOP charging that much TAX, since you'll have no impact on the environment.

SO, again, I WAS DEAD right on the Hybrids and electric vehicles are a stupid trend! Let's hope others out there give this new re-engineered fuel a chance.