Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just like I've been posting and debating for years now... battery electrics and hybrids are a stupid unsupported mania.

Everyone that knows me, is fairly clarified about my vision of electric cars and hybrids.

It's a stupid trend!

Hybrids create more impact than normal cars because the engine consumes more (especially when pulling, because of the lack of ENGINE... take a look at this video here) and even worse than that, they use batteries that create huge environmental impact in both creation and recycling (read the studies bellow).
The fully electrical has 2 categories:
1 - The stupid electrical car than draws energy from rechargeable batteries. These cars are heavier than normal (batteries are heavy) making it less energy efficient... and have more battery than a hybrid increasing the environmental impact... and then they have to be recharged using the electrical power grid... how is that energy created? Yup... more impact. And even worse... if most cities are having electrical shortage problems, guess what would be the result if every smart ass out there went to tesla on nissan and by a fully electrical "thing".
2 - The real future of mass automotive. The Hydrogen Fuel cell hybrid. Like THIS VIDEO HERE. It's dull but makes sense and I love it in that manner.

Now for the reality check on all those Hybrid fans out there, that by buying these crappy cars are creating a trend... making most (once great automobile manufacturers) create pure shit and end wonderful projects to divert funds (yup I'm talking about Honda and Toyota)... please READ THESE LINKS BELLOW:


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big brother is geting ready to watch US ALL!

Another great article from GIZMAG... but this one brings some bad news.
Take a peek HERE.

Humm. Looks like that by 2013, I'll be installing some fake license plates and start wearing a mask while driving.
Not that I don't like the principle of this thing... I just don't think it will be used to improve road safeness and rather be used to GET MORE MONEY from those perfectly stupid and scientifically unsupported speeding tickets.

Drive clearance according to traffic and weather conditions, seat belt wearing, etc etc are all good features.
Speeding however is a stupid definition. Those that state this should be put into a physics class for the rest of their life to try and learn something .

I can go 50km/h on a fiat punto with no ABS and with budget tires on the pouring rain and be PERFECTLY legal and NOT SPEEDING... but if I do the same thing on full packed Volvo... or a Porsche at 80 or 100, then I'm the messenger of death, son of the devil, responsible for the radiations levels and for Bush re-election... and should be crucified.

SPEED TRAPS Is just the best name for the thing. It's a trap! It's the way governments found out how to increase tax... without having to go public on it.
I recommend THIS topgear video on that subject.

The true killer and often overlooked is Excessive speed. This is not easy to define... but the above example IS VERY CLEAR about it. I f was in the PUNTO I would be in Excessive Speed...
Excessive Speed kills, murders and it can be as simple as a BAD driver getting the car out of the parking lot. As a bad driver... he or she should not be driving... even at 5km/h... making it UNSAFE at ANY speed.