Friday, September 24, 2010

My comments on the TT vs RCZ on the TopGear Facebook page.

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Most comments I've read so far are completely OFF the purpose of these cars!
These are sports cars. They are supposed to handle and be fun to drive.

How on earth is a heavy under-steer oriented car fun to drive?
Why oh why would I buy a sports car thinking on how would it loose value!? Do you pick condoms that way too?
Why does the brilliant RCZ's design is wrong on being an imitation of the TT? I'm all for the learn, then do it better... it's called EVOLUTION!
There is one and one flaw on the RCZ... it's being FF. Should be FR or MR.
But I consider the TT even worse. Instead of having a REAR Biased 4WD, it has a FRONT biased 4WD.

I've driven lots of AUDIs and even had one (for 1 month)!
Are they well built? YEP
Are they expensive? F$#K YEAH
Are they beautifull?... hummm kinda
Are they powerfull? SURE
Can they handle? NOP.. They are TOO safe to let you enjoy the car.
It's one of the most frustrating cars because of the extremely intrusive way it's safety features are build into the product. It's a car that insults the driver by assuming it drives better than you, but it doesn't!

If you compare the A4 Vs the 407? Sure it's a clear win on the A4 side... same with the A6, A5, Q7... but this? THIS is about FUN and passion for driving and the RCZ is MILES AHEAD on that point.