Friday, March 18, 2011

Gallardo destroyed by slagde-hammering... at owners REQUEST.

The article taken from TOPGEAR Website:

Lambo Gallardo vs sledgehammers

Chinese man destroys his own supercar in protest over poor customer service
Posted by: Andrew Chesterton, 16 March 2011

If you thought the Brilliance BS6 was China's worst crime against motoring, prepare to have your mind positively exploded. This is, or was, a Lamborghini Gallardo - yep, the very same car that, in dog-eared poster format, adorned the walls of teenagers for the best part of a decade.

Its crime? Breaking down. Its punishment? A public battering with sledgehammers. So what, we hear you ask, the hell is going on?

Welcome to Qingdao, in Eastern China, where the owner of this supercar was so enraged after it broke down after a service, that he paid a group of blokes to take the car apart using sledgehammers before a crowd of rightly horrified onlookers. It was all part of a public protest for World Consumer Rights Day, an event likely to resonate with world's biggest companies as loudly as World Donut Day or World Handwashing Day. And no, we didn't make any of these up.

The pictures:

The Video:
My thoughts:
This one is an article that I particularly like.
But why would I enjoy a beautiful car being destructed? To prove my point!
I don't like Italian cars. That's a fact and most don't understand why. I hate them, not because they are beautiful, not because they are fast, or have brilliantly thought engineering principles... I hate them because they are built in Italy, by Italians.
Don't get me wrong, I'm Portuguese. I'm "a Latin" too. I know how Latin's think and work. We (in general) are extremely irresponsible and tend to "patch" things cosmetically instead of efficiently.
Of all "Latins", Italian are the more irresponsible type. They've been through a lot as a civilization and tend to "not care at all" about "just about anything" that it not immediately satisfying. So they like beautiful cars, beautiful girls, wine and party.... oh, football too.
The result is that they build the most beautiful cars... in the worse way imaginable... and they do that because, as long as the car isn't theirs, it can fail as much as it wants to ... cause it isn't theirs.

Of course not all Italians are like that, but I'm only picturing 90% of Italy's population here.
Disagree with me? Ok, than think of Berlusconi. Total incompetent and a crook... elected by the people.... by ITALY!

Portugal is the same thing... we have been electing Socialist Party for the last 15 years or so! And then shouting on the stupid political decisions and corruption just so we can re-elect the same crooks after 4 years. Can you imagine anything worse? Welcome to the Latin mind - If the music and party doesn't stop, the boose and drugs keep ON and football and girls are abundant, we just don't care about the rest or the consequences.

So, I've been pointing out for years that Italians build beautiful cars that:
Brake down mechanically in catastrophic propositions
Brake down electrically in BIBLICAL propositions
Rust instantly (at least they are easy to recycle)
Disassemble them selfs alone
Have HUGE design flaws just to be beautiful (you don't want to flip a Lamborghini over)
Catch fire
Loose brakes
Have huge quality conformities from EuroCAP tests to production models

This article show the result of the CLASH of Cultures. Orientals ARE NOT Latins... they are efficiency driven, so they do NOT TOLERATE this kind of Latin attitude... and they are absolutely right.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The new BMW6 series... beauty or beast!?!

I like-it just as much as I hate it!

Let-me explain... If Mercedes knew something about design, it would have designed the but-ugly CLS like this BMW... and it would be VERY good for a merc.

But being BMW this is completely UNACCEPTABLE.
It's not ulgy... it's just too ugly to be a BMW... just like the GT and the 1series and the X6!

BMW... what the hell is going on!?

First you brain-fart and take the glorious Inline6 out of the M3 and replace-it by and americanish v8.... now you've realized the mistake and decided to put the inline6 back... but then turbocharged it!?!?!? I rather have it turbocharged than having a V8, but still it's just not the best think for a RWD sports car... period, unless, the new M3 is an XM3 and it is a AWD :S.

Then comes this ugly design trend... If I would buy a bmw today it would be a 3series coupe or cabrio... or a new Z4. I mean... there is NOT ONE single other BMW that I can truthfully say I like from every angle.

Are you hiring 16 year old designer wannabes?