Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Green disease continues to make victims.

I can't say I'm actually sad about the recent news "Emissions regs to kill Honda Civic Type-R in most of Europe at end of 2010". The 3rd generation Civic is crap in Europe anyway... they only produce-it with independent rear suspension in Japan, so the European version is far worse than the 1st and 2nd generation.

The reality however, is that the K20A, Honda's new B16A is about to die with it... and that, that's just catastrophic. The K20A is an engine with a huge potential... and that Green virus is just cutting it's life just too short.

If I was heading Honda Europe, I would just fit a larger catalytic converter, in a pipe with 6 EASY-TO-REMOVE screws, and then explain that it's the exact same engine. Then, just like it happens with the S2000, the owners unbolt the 6 screws and replace the pipe with a "test-pipe"... and off they go.

Green madness is really something that is stupidity everyone and making cars worse.
Open your eyes, people, here are simple facts:
   - Hybrids consume more petrol than a normal car, because they are HEAVY. And unless you drive always in it's hybrid zone (something you'l never ever do in a traffic day... or in a fast trip). Check this video and watch a Pirus that consumes MORE than a BMW M3
   - The creation of batteries and the recycling of used batteries makes a HUGE IMPACT on the environment.
   - The full electric car uses even more battery, and has even more weight, ultimately being less efficient and creating a bigger impact on the environment.
   - The Full electric car will need a full overnight charge, consuming electric energy from the power-grid, that was created...generating an even bigger carbon footprint. Ultimately it will render our days power-grid insufficient and create an even bigger investment and ultimately carbon footprint.
  - And the diesel, although much better than an hybrid or a electric car, emits not only carbon dioxide, but real carbon particles... ever wondered why our city's are getting they building dirtier and why your tissue comes with little black particles when you sneeze!?

The only really environmental friendly car, is the Hydrogen fuel cell car. And just like Jay Leno (SPOT ON) says "just like the automobile was the savior of the horse, this is the savior of our cars."

Check this excellent article.