Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Point Taken!

Everyone that knows me, also know that, to my point of view, the LAST Godzilla was the Skiline R34V-SpecII. That i don't consider the R35GTR worthy of the Godzilla Badge and so rightfully named GTR instead of Skyline GTR.
I've always said that the same car and all it's marvel tech would be best used with a real engine. And anyone that knows me, also knows I hate 99.9% of all V engines. The R35GTR should have an RB26DETT engine and be called the Skyline R35 GTR.... but then Renault brought Nissan and with it the Green disease infected the big Japanese giant. As a result, one of the glorious engines in existence was replaced by an "americanish V crap".

The following link shows just how much the RB26DETT is superior to a crappy V6.
Again, as I've always stated, the V engine is no match for an inline. And the Green disease is just killing the fun in driving cars...and producing them.

Boy I hate to be right all the time.