Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Freedom is one step closer

As Jay Leno so eloquently said "the fcx clarity is important because, as the car set the horse free, this will set our cars free", the Honda FCX CLARITY is a "car" that works on Hydrogen. It produces 0 Co emissions and water from it's gas pipe.
The problem with this are:
1 - Liquid Hydrogen is expensive do produce
2 - Liquid Hydrogen is dangerous to store in a car
WATER, however isn't... and Japan’s FUKAI Environmental Research Institute has announced a new technology for obtaining hydrogen that it claims is less expensive and more efficient than anything that’s been tried so far.
The full article can be read here, but in short, they are producing hydrogen  in ways that are targeted to transform your car's gas tank into a water tank.
People that read my blogs tend to think that I have a profound hate on green cars.... but that's not the case.
I hate stupidity, and a hybrid car that doesn't go and has more impact on the environment is PLAIN STUPID.
I also hate the fact that the best engines ever invented are being taken out of production by laws that are even worse than the Stupidity that supports them... and to this I call the GREEN MADNESS DISEASE.

This, however is a totally different case. a Hydrogen Fuel cell car or house will have 0 co emissions... 0 Either direct or indirect. If you take this into comparison to a hybrid running on gas or a fully electrical being charged by the power grid, there is a clear advantage. Now think of all that process involved into producing car batteries and recycle them in the end... and now consider the impact of it's weight in the car's movement.

If you take 1 minute to think about this you will recon:
1 - The full process of building, recycling and using a hybrid or electrical car will generate more pollution and co than a normal car.
2 - The laws that kill the best cars are twisted. You should plant more trees with the taxes payed by our cars and that would even things... instead we tear down trees and increase tax and stupid emission laws.
3 - If you like cars and you think of buying one today.... chance are that you are already considering buying a second hand car from the time when they were interesting, instead of dull-green people carriers of today.

This process will enable the projects like the Honda Clarity to be a reality. The globalization of this reality will render our TRUE cars free... and that means that our sports cars will probably be less "runt down" by those absurd laws.