Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What the hell is going on in Japan? Is it the water?

For the last 2 decades, Japan (at least in my opinion), was probably the best country in the entire world producing GOOD cars.
I can easily remember:
From Honda : NSX (and all its other flavors), CRX V-TEC, DelSol V-TEC, Accord Type-R, Civic Type-R (mk1, mk2 and the jap version of the mk3), S2000, Integra Type-r, Prelude....
From Toyota : AE86, Supra, Celica GT4, MR2 (Mk1, Mk2, Mk3)
From Mazda : Mx3, Mx5, Rx7 (FC and FD)
From Mitsubishi : Lancer Evolution (all), Eclipse Turbo
From Subaru : Impreza (all the turbo 4wd)
From Nissan : Skyline GTR, Sunny GTi, Silvias (from the Dastun Gazelle..rs12, s13, s14 and s15)

But then came a stupid world trend of the "green car"!
Now before you "chlorophyll injected brain people" start saying that I'm wrong, let's just think for one second.

Of all the car's I enumerated, NONE is an economical, cheap, family car! NOT ONE.

A sports car is supposed to BURN fuel, Burn rubber, Burn oil, kill little birds with the sound of it's engine and render the American eagle impotent with it's exhaust fumes.
Economical cars, on the other hand, are made considering consumption, comfort, they are cheap so that a lot of people can afford them and so, they are made with the birds in mind... and the female eagle.

So why oh why did Honda kill the S2000 replacement project and the new NSX replacement project? And then, thinking it's not enough, why did they do a CRX replacement with an 128ps hybrid potato masher inside?
Why did Toyota end the perfect Supra?
Why did Nissan killed the InLine6 of the glorious SKYLINE?
Why did Mazda go all green with the RX8 instead of putting a triple rotor bi-turbo in it?
The only ones not following this trend are Mitsubishi and Subaru! I recon that they must use a supper advanced water filter on their engineers homes... they must. Otherwise it's just a question of time until I read a news blog and just get smashed by another "Japanese Brain Fart".

I've been telling EVERYONE, since I brought my S2000, just how much better Japanese cars are, comparing to Europeans.... but then THIS!
I just found myself telling people to buy the sirocco, the golf GTI, the Peugeot RCZ, the Porsche boxter, the Citroen DS3, the mini cooper and so many other GOOD examples of just how bad the Japanese car industry is that they no longer even get in the race.

I remember the times where a test between a Civic Type-R, a Audi S3 and a Seat Leon Cupra R, where you could tell that the civic was the best even with the turbos and all wheel drive on the European competitors... but now, you couldn't fit 3 turbos in a CRZ and make it outrun a fiesta.

I'm a proud owner of an S2000. To me it's the last Honda besides the Japanese CivicType-R (the European uses a multi-link rear suspension to ... cut prices... PFFF)
I'm desperately trying to source money to buy a good Supra, GTR-R34 or an Rx7FD... I'm feeling like the time when Japan produced cars for people has ended. Now all you can buy from them is "bird cars".

It must be the water!