Saturday, March 24, 2012

Toyo R888 + 5zigen Gn+ Proracer + S2000 = FUN

I've been waiting for some time now to write this article.

I've been driving the S2000 for quite some time now (err make that - it's my daily driver since 2007).
As a car lover and 100% petrohead I am, I usually wakeup 2 hours earlier than to avoid traffic and only return home after the gym training session, avoiding traffic once again.
This is not JUST to avoid the stress, but mainly to have the road clear enough for some daily fun.

Now I've always defended that the S2000 OEM suspension was good and that I really didn't get why most owners switch to tuner suspension.

Well, this time, when I needed to change my tires I decided to go crazy and fit my racing 5zigen GN+ with some Racing Toyo R888 rubber.
I've had a set of these before but never tried them on a every-day basis.

So after a month on these beauties what can I say?

I love the lack of NVH technology... the tires roar constantly while contacting with the ground and it's just so hardcore that it's good.

The car used to get sideways with ease, well...not any more. You have to really push things to get a tail out, and when you do, the slightest correction is immediately carried out. No delay, no fuss... just ask what you what and keep accelerating enough to allow the brilliance of the chassis and the super perfect tires to make your wishes out in perfectly executed commands.

The grip level is so high that it became evident in the first 10 minutes I drove it on the road WHY there are after market suspension kits to the Rev 2 S2000 for street use.
Using the stock suspension on the Rev2 chassis, this setup will enhance the settings and make them excessive.
The rev2 S2000 is more controlled and poised on the limit. This is because of some understeer-under-acceleration setup, making the let-go more progressive since the front end bites-in less aggressively.
If you add huge gripping tires to this setup and leave-it as it is, the car will get a bit on the "all-or-nothing" side. Step-on the gas in a bend and the rear grip will up the car's nose and you'll feel understeer...Step-off and the front-end dives-in and grips like hell creating oversteer.
It's easy to get used not to step in or off to much and the car will grip brilliantly, but this suspension travel will immediately get you on the phone with your car parts supplier.

A lot of people ask-me about these tires behaviour in the rain.
About the rain: If by rain you mean pouring rain, then I have to say that this is not the rain tire. It's got some groves to channel out water, but it's only to make it minimally's far from safe to normal driving speeds.

However if by rain you mean wet tarmac, then get your facts right. The compound if so soft that it will grip even cold. This car can turn so fast in the wet tarmac running R888's as it would turn on the dry tarmac using normal tires.

I've already reviewed these tires before here, so I'll just add that my new favourite sport is outside overtaking on hard corners. It's wonderful to overtake others on the outside while they desperately try to brake their cars into the corners with their tires screaming all over the place.
The only bad thing is when you overtake-them they immediately brake and leave you some distance because the tires pick-up just about every little bit of dirt you have on the road and projects-it out the back of the car into the front end on the one chasing you.

Brilliant tires... and kind-of addictive ;)... they definitely can make you a "show-off'r"