Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tire Review - Toyo T1-R

Cars tested with these tires:
- Honda Civic EP3 1.7d
- Asterio Roadster Prototype roiling chassis 2.2D 250ps/500nm

Tests performed:
- Hard drive in the civic
- Track drive in the Asterio

Dry grip:
- It's a brilliant tire. The compound has an excellent grip. It will grip better while hot, but the cold grip is still better than most of it's competitors hot. Far better than it's predecessor "the T1S".

Wet grip:
- Not tested

Aquaplaning resistance:
- Not tested

- Good. The let go in dry is progressive and gives good warning.
- Not tested in the wet.

Integrity maintenance:
- It's brilliant. You can abuse it all you want and it will wear evenly and with all it's parts.
- The asterio was running on track tarmac for a day... and no problems at all.

- not enough information on this

- didn't get there yet

- The tires side-walls are very good. The tire can go through hard bends keeping the contact patch all the way through.
-  The 2 side 100% contact bands probably make quite a difference. (but I suspect that would spoil aquaplaning resistance).
- The compound is also very stable and even if you decide to hotlaps in the track for a day, they will wear, they will get hot, but no grease will sweat out of it... it will grip all the way up the temperature range.

-  unknown

Load Behaviour:
- Spectacular load behaviour on light cars.
- Further testing needed to for opinion on the rest

A picture of the Asterio rolling chassis with the toyo's fitted during the hotlaps day