Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tire Review - Toyo R888

Cars tested with these tires:
- Honda S2000 AP1 Mk2 06/2004 240ps on 5zigen GN+ Proracer extreme offset wheels

Tests performed:
- I went through 1 set's of these.

Dry grip:
- UAUUUUUU. Grips Like nothing on earth. Makes you think Why would you need brakes for.

Wet grip:
- Better that most tires around, but it feels bad once you get used the the massive dry grip. But don't get fooled. The compound grips brilliantly even while cold.

Aquaplaning resistance:
- None whatsoever. It's a trackday tire, and the groves in it are meant for wet drive... not for pools.

- Good. The let go in both wet or dry is progressive and gives good warning. I don't call it excellent as the grip limmit is so high, that the let go is kinda rough.

Integrity maintenance:
- It's brilliant. You can abuse it all you want and it will wear evenly and with all it's parts. It's built for racing, so abuse is it's middle name.

- It's a very soft rubber compound with some silica and carbon in it. The wear resistance is very bad if you compare to a road tire... but considering it is not, the wear is actually very good.

- Doesn't know the meaning of.

- The tires side-walls are very good. The tire can go through hard bends keeping a perfect contact patch all the way through.
- Gives a new meaning to cornering.
- The compound is also very stable and even if you decide to run a mountain pass the entire day long, they will wear, they will get hot, but no grease will sweat out of it... it will grip all the way up the temperature range.

-  Not a single balance problem. The tires went through it's life with no maintenance at all. Not so well balanced from factory. Some counter weights were needed. This was even more noticeable because I was using 5zigen racing rims witch are made to perfection.

Load Behaviour:
- Spectacular load behaviour. I should have a tag saying "please abuse-me".
- The tire will endure powerful cars without a sweat.
- Don't use them hard with a clutch ending it's life span, of you'll have to change the cluth sooner than expected.