Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tire Review - Pirelli P-zero Rosso Directionalle

Pzero is a "tire system" meaning that the "directionalle" on the left is created for the front steering wheels, and the "assimetrico" on the right for the rear driving wheels.

Cars tested with these tires:
- Volvo S40 Mk2 2.0D  136ps, 340Nm.

Tests performed:
- I went through 1 set's of these.

Dry grip:
- Good tire. The compound has an excellent grip. It will grip better while hot, but the cold grip is good... for the first month. After that you get blueish smoke and the same amount of grip you find in a plastic wheel from a kid's car.
- Very good at cornering UNDER BRAKING... quite bad while cornering under acceleration. It's an all or nothing tire... The option of the assimetrico or directionalle is clear. These were made for FR cars.... but again it all turns into blueish smoke and no grip after the 1st month.
I decided to call-it a honeymoon tire. It's good... but doesn't last.

Wet grip:
- Under expectations but decent for the first month... after that you get no grip at all.

Aquaplaning resistance:
- Not tested. I decided to change the tires after 1month.

- Rough. It grips, than grips more... than warns very little.. than let's go progressively, but the transition from grip to drift is abrupt.
- After a month, they became very progressive since the grip was next none the transition was not that bad.

Integrity maintenance:
- Bad. Abuse-it and you'll find holes all over the tread created from chips that just rip-off.

- It's a soft rubber compound for the first month... that you get plastic.

- The best and worse I've seen. Let me explain: The worse cause the rubber lasted for a month... the best because the plastic found under that rubber would probably last for life. Weird right? That's why I changed it.

- As Incoherent as it get's.
- Unless you corner braking and you have good grip (for the first month ONLY) caused by the crushing of the tire, it really give very little coherence.
- Corner under acceleration and you'll be forced to lift off....lift off and it grips too much and induces a spin.
- It's a good tire to test chassis quality as it will unsettle it easy.
- Probably due to sidewalls being too soft. I remember that the "ROSSO" label on the sidewall was gone after 3 or 4 days, meaning that it bends too much. That would also explain the grip under braking being so much better than under acceleration.

- Didn't get that far. Trashed them after a month and a half or so.
- Badly build from factory I can recall a 70Gram counter weight on the wheel and several balancing iterations to get it right.

Load Behaviour:
- Unless it's in a straight line, or cornering while braking it's not a good tire... and even those are valid for a month.