Monday, December 12, 2011

Some of the best roads around my country

Some of the best ones
I use this one to test cars... Independently of the test, both engine, chassis, brakes and tires...this is a wonderful shakedown. I'll try to post a video soon.

This was once part of the "Rally of Portugal". Degraded safety conditions made the board remove this track from the rally. It's very tricky. During winter, some of the curves don't get a single ray of direct sun light, making the ice created during the dawn moisture, build up. Dangerous for the strange and it's taken many lives. But if you study it before thrashing down that road (and studying means every time you don't go there for more than a month) it's very amusing.

NEW -> Video of a drive through this road (on a SUV and with no audio due to kids in a bad mood at the bad)

This track of "estrada das beiras" killed a set of bake discs and Michelin energy tires in a Opel Tigra 1.4 in one pass. 
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The "Itiner√°rio Principal 2" to Algarve is very picturesque in the summer. Want to enjoy a relaxed roof down drive on your convertible? start at 6Pm during summer and have your reflex camera ready to shoot. 
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This pass has only a number and no name. It's a wonderful road to drive in the winter. I normally do-it in the 24th and 26th on december. How should I picture north wales in with a bit of twilight saga mist.

Former road stretches (now in poor safety conditions)
The "A2" to Algarve. Heavy trucks and poor (overpriced) build quality took the part on this in the first years, but it used to be a highway you could stretch your car to the very limit in very safe conditions. 
The video with my S2000 going all the way up to 260km/h was filmed here, when it was safe to go that fast.