Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Having a DNA base is no warranty of success

1%. That's the difference between human DNA and Chimp's DNA. That's the difference between Claudia Shiffer and a hairy smelly dumb human lookalike. Ok , they have better strength, but they don't have the brains to cope.
Some cars suffer the same problem.
I knew I hated the new mini jeep-a-like. I hated so immediately after watching it the first time, that I never ever took time to look at it again.
The other day however, I was staring right across the street and I had an epiphany.
The design is still there, the mini beautiful curves and lines still manage to survive the otherwise qualifiable as a brute rape. And the it hit me! It's that 1% thing. Same DNA, same base lines spoiled by horrible 1% DNA rape.
Is it good? probably! It's has BMW DNA... is it beautiful? Hell no... it's that 1% thing, you know?
1% that transforms this...

into this...

even the kids with their (arguably) bad taste in cars seem to faint in agony!

The only good news is that Hollywood will have an easier job next time they throw some down the subway stairs...these should overcome the down-way easier, and if they crash, no one will ever be bothered with the looks....maybe they get even better.

On the other hand the same DNA without the 1% chimp mutation will allow for some beautiful cars...
...and some gloriously gorgeous ones, like the roadster: