Monday, March 14, 2011

The new BMW6 series... beauty or beast!?!

I like-it just as much as I hate it!

Let-me explain... If Mercedes knew something about design, it would have designed the but-ugly CLS like this BMW... and it would be VERY good for a merc.

But being BMW this is completely UNACCEPTABLE.
It's not ulgy... it's just too ugly to be a BMW... just like the GT and the 1series and the X6!

BMW... what the hell is going on!?

First you brain-fart and take the glorious Inline6 out of the M3 and replace-it by and americanish v8.... now you've realized the mistake and decided to put the inline6 back... but then turbocharged it!?!?!? I rather have it turbocharged than having a V8, but still it's just not the best think for a RWD sports car... period, unless, the new M3 is an XM3 and it is a AWD :S.

Then comes this ugly design trend... If I would buy a bmw today it would be a 3series coupe or cabrio... or a new Z4. I mean... there is NOT ONE single other BMW that I can truthfully say I like from every angle.

Are you hiring 16 year old designer wannabes?