Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sorry EVO but... you are way wrong

Reading an EVO nr 146 article "FastFleet-long term tests" on page 134, I came across a benchmark against the Nissan 370Z and the good old Datsun 240Z witch it's "arguably" based on.
Why the arguably? Simple, It might the the project's objective to re-launch that little old PERFECTION of a car... it might be the aim of the company, but then some idiot put a V engine in it and screw it up big time.
The Nissan 370Z (or any other nissan for that matter) should have the glorious RB26DETT or a variation of it inside.
The original Datsun 240 used an InLine 6. It's criminal to call a V "raped" 370Z it's successor since it's lost is heart.

The same goes for the GTR. On page 135 you call it Godzilla2...SHAME ON YOU! Godzilla died with the R34VSpecII. The GTR should only be called Godzilla2 after a "heart" change and a 1300Bhp RB26DETT in it.